Welcome to SpectraMedi Medical Transcription Services

We proudly state that we are recognized as one of the top pioneer Medical Transcription Service Providers. We have innovative, efficient, and complete solutions from dictation capture to document distribution and storage.

SpectraMedi was founded in 1999 and is equipped with top-notch team of transcriptionists and information technology professionals. We continue to serve hospitals, clinics, and practices of all sizes with uncompromising commitment to quality transcription and lasting client relationships.

Medical Transcription Services

SpectraMedi Medical Transcription Services are easy, efficient, and above all, cost effective. We take up many varied and unique dictations and transcription needs (file/document format, system interfacing, etc.). It gives us an edge over your most demanding dictation and transcription requirements.
As we have customized our Medical Transcription Services to your business processes, it saves your time and effort in creating, editing, and correcting the typed reports. As and when requested, your dictation can be typed promptly by our select transcriptionists.

SpectraMedi always ensures cost-effective service. If your current transcription service incurs you much, our service will give a consistent boom to your business. With 24/7 dictation and transcription service and 99.99% uptime, you get your services when and where you need them; on your schedule, not ours.

Our Medical Transcription Service: Your Benefits

In addition to high quality medical transcription service, our clients benefit from:

  • HIPAA-compliant transcription practices

  • Hand-held recorders and Pocket PC PDAs

  • Toll-free or on-site phone-in dictation services and barcode reader options

  • Interfaces to many dictation systems

  • HL-7 and other interfaces to a range of HIS, CIS, and EMR systems

  • Board-certified physician supervising transcription QA Team

  • Automated fetching, organizing, and optional printing

  • Transcription in Microsoft™ Word®, RTF, Text , HL-7, HTML, or XML

Electronic Medical Records, e-signature, and automated Faxing options
In short, all SpectraMedi transcription services are built on exceptional and unique customer support and dedication to quality transcription. Our commitment to long-term customer relationship means you always receive easy, efficient, and cost-effective transcription services from dedicated and seasoned professionals.

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