Billing Rates and Verification

Chances are, if you had five different medical transcription quotations or rates, you would need a CPA to review the numerous variables to accurately compare bottom line cost or savings.

Standard transcription quantity measurements, such as gross line, 55-character gross line, 65-character gross line, 65 characters, character, word, page, etc., have proven to vary as much as 40% or more among vendors for identical documents. Accordingly, taking control of your practice's true transcription quantity measurement can have a serious bottom-line impact on your transcription budget.

To arrive at a fair line rate for each customer, numerous other key service variables (turnaround time, formats, etc.) are reviewed and taken into account. Another pricing consideration is level of accuracy guarantee you require. We painstakingly work step-by-step with each potential customer to provide services that are within their budget and fit their medical practice and information management needs

Line Rate Calculator


With SpectraMedi , you receive invoices that can be quickly audited with our easy-to-use website program available to every customer without additional charge.

Most services do not incorporate a simple, yet stringent and reconcilable invoice auditing system into their total solution. Ours does. Further, our system is set up to prevent duplicate billing. Even with these billing efficiencies and better pricing, our main goal is always to provide quality and timely transcription.

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