Health care is a rapidly changing industry.  The recent Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules and regulations reflect this change. SpectraMedi , the U.S. based Medical Transcription Services, believes that these final regulations represent a significant opportunity for the healthcare industry in the U. S. to become extensively more efficient and cost-effective, while ensuring the privacy, confidentiality and security of clients’ data.  By simplifying the administration of the system and enabling health care businesses to be conducted electronically in a standardized manner, these regulations will offer enormous financial benefits to healthcare enterprises individually, and to the U. S. Healthcare system over all. 

While HIPAA compliance undoubtedly will significantly improve efficiency and reduce administrative costs, it poses numerous challenges, the most significant of which are likely to be managing radical changes to business processes, cultural values and provider-consumer relationships.  At SpectraMedi , we have made sure that these challenges are met with great ease and assistance to our clients.  We are proud to say that EasyFlow, our web-based system, is fully HIPAA compliant and committed to fulfilling HIPAA standards well within the timeframes established by the law.  All of our staff members undergo HIPAA compliance training.

We at SpectraMedi know that successful implementation of broad-based enterprise wide business challenges will require commitment and dedication at the highest levels.  As such, our broad range of skilled personnel have made sure that all aspects related to HIPAA compliancy and beyond are taken care of in the most effective manner. 

For ensuring the physical security, access to our facility is protected with a door access security system so that only authorized staff who are fully aware and trained in the HIPAA Privacy requirements will be issued access. Apart from the door access security,
additional levels of security systems are implemented in the facility with around the clock monitoring by a dedicated team. For ensuring the information security, SpectraMedi has implemented enterprise level firewall systems. Host level security measures are implemented in all servers to tighten the data security. All data communications between SpectraMedi and client facilities are protected with a minimum of 128 bit encryption.

SpectraMedi MSO , the leading Medical Transcription Service provider, will continue to closely monitor the development of further HIPAA requirements in order to increase efficiency and speed electronic medical information interchange within the proposed federal standards while ensuring security and privacy of our clients’ information.  Rest assured, with full HIPAA compliancy at your behest, SpectraMedi is ever ready and prepared to let you take full advantage of the ongoing EDI developments in the healthcare industry that will save you time, money and headaches.

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