Data Security

SpectraMedi MSO has taken painstaking measures to protect all patient information. Our three levels of security meet and exceed all HIPAA regulations related to Electronic Transmission of Patient Information.

All medical data (dictation, transcription, search facility and EMR) is managed through our Workflow Management System called EasyFlow. EasyFlow runs on a secure server which encrypts all data communication between your computer and our server. This means anyone intercepting any data while it is being transferred from our server to your computer could not interpret or decode this data.

To access any data from EasyFlow or EMR, a valid user name and password is required. Our systems allow you to change your password as often as you wish. We suggest that you change your password at least once every three months.

EasyFlow does not allow anyone to open any data file from our server. In order to open a data file, whether it is your dictation or transcription, it must be downloaded to your local computer. All your downloads will be zipped with your zip password that is kept in our system. You then use your assigned zip password to open and view your medical transcription file or to listen to your dictation.

Dictation From Remote Systems

EasyMove is our software to accommodate digital hand-held recorders and remote dictation systems. It serves to copy, rename, compress, encrypt, back up, and send dictation to our EasyFlow server. This encryption protects your dictation from any unauthorized use. To learn more about EasyMove, please visit our "Product" section.


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