Medical Transcription Services

HIPAA Compliant Medical Transcription Services

Since our founding in 1999,SpectraMedi MSO has provided industry leadership in Medical Transcription Services with innovative, efficient, and complete solutions from dictation capture to document distribution and storage.

Today, we are recognized as a premier Medical Transcription Service provider. With our highly respected team of transcriptionists and information technology professionals, we continue to serve hospitals, clinics, and practices of all sizes with an unwavering commitment to quality transcription and long-term client relationships.

  • STAT Transcription
  • Financial Transcription
  • Legal Transcription Service
  • Digital Handheld Recorder
  • Transcription Jobs
  • Transcription Software
  • Investigation Transcription Service
  • Call-in / Phone-in Dictation System
  • Insurance Transcription Service
  • Business Transcription Service

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