How does it work?

When one thinks of SpectraMedi's Medical Transcription Services, the words fusion-of-services, simple-to-implement and easy-to-use come to mind.

We are a division of a software development company - Spectrum Software Solutions, which accounts for the many leading edge software solutions used in our medical transcription business.

A practitioner can dictate (Input Modules) using many methods such as phone-in dictation ( over toll-free number or to the local EasyVoice system SpectraMedi places at your location), handheld digital recorders (made by Olympus), PDA devices (Pocket PC and Mobile 2005) or PC application running on your provider’s Windows PC. We can also interface to your in-house dictation systems such as DVI, Dictaphone, Lanier, BCB, Crescendo, Olympus and more.
To learn more about SpectraMedi ’s Input Modules, visit our product section.

Of all the above, our EasyVoice phone-in dictation system is the quickest and easiest to start with. This is the preferred method with a majority of our clients. There is no need for a telephone-to-computer interface and it eliminates the possibility of recording on dead batteries and bad media. Moreover, your voice files are available immediately to our transcriptionists. Our EasyVoice system is accessible 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week from anywhere in the country.

If you favor the mobility of a handheld recorder, we can provide or recommend many options. Many dictation devices made by Olympus are similar to handheld cassette recorders and are easy to use and can record from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

After installing our EasyMove program on your computer with good Internet connection, you are only one step away from sending your dictation to us.

EasyMove then copies, renames, backs-up, and compresses all your voice files by work-type and sends them to our EasyFlow server. Every one of your voice files are acknowledged with a JobID from our EasyFlow system. One installation of EasyMove can accommodate up to 999 users on one PC. You also have the option to manually upload your dictation files to our EasyFlow server.
If you have Windows Pocket PC or Mobile 2005 PDA, our PPC-Voice Professional or Enterprise application will automatically import your appointments or ADT data and your dictations will be automatically transferred to EasyFlow for transcription.

Once we receive your dictation voice files by any of the above methods, we then transcribe them in MS Word. Typed reports can be saved as .doc, .rtf, .txt, .html, .xml, etc. We deliver the completed transcriptions back to your office by any one or more of the following methods using our Output Modules:

  • Electronic Mail attachment which is zipped with your password or,
  • Placing it in EasyFlow server storage for your staff to download any number of times.
  • Send to EasyPrint for automated downloading, sorting, saving for your in-house batch processing and printing.
  • HL-7 message or file over VPN to your HL-7 engine or mapped folder.
  • Cut and paste into your in-house EMR systems over VPN when no-interface is available.

Irrespective of which delivery option you choose, all your transcriptions are available for download from our EasyFlow server for 2 years. EasyFlow allows full text search on all your transcriptions.

If required, our system will send you a reminder e-mail every time a new dictation is typed.

Employing these technology solutions, our experienced team of medical transcriptionists provides around-the-clock, highly accurate typing service. Our Quality Control Team (proofreaders/editors/reviewers) supervised by a full-time Board Certified Physician in Internal Medicine working from our office consistently ensures error-free transcriptions to a growing roster of medical professionals in a number of disciplines and specialties.

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