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Future of Medical Transcriptionists

Healthcare Industry continues to develop as the aging population needs expert medical care. Apart from productivity and proficiency, every business aims at profit. Naturally, the healthcare industry needs a vast population of educated class with somewhat good command over English. As long as there are healthcare services and healthcare industry, there will be increasing demand for Medical Transcriptionists. In other words, there is no job more secure than healthcare service or that of Medical Transcriptionists. Go ahead with full assurance and confidence.

Is there any age limit to become a Medical Transcriptionist?

There are Medical Transcriptionists from age 17 to past 70. It is a clear proof that there is no age limit to be a Medical Transcriptionist. People belonging to all walks of life might think of spending their leisure time or retired life usefully. It is a good sign and a wise thought. However, it does not mean one can take it lightly or leisurely. Anybody with positive cognitive potential, no matter what his/her age is, can become a professional medical Transcriptionist.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that once you are into the profession, you will stay young at heart with refreshed mind and brain? Your cognitive potential will never be on the wane. Everyday, something new is in store for you to learn. Just delve into the unfathomable depth of knowledge, and there you find the precious pearls.

medical transcription services course details

Those who aspire to become medical transcriptionists might be concerned about the training and its course details. It is very natural, and it is one the signs of a good trainee.
As for the duration and timing, it varies depending on the companies.
Course Details
Computer training


Even if one does not have any basic knowledge in computers, most of the companies provide typing practice, keyboard skills, basic skills in computer and word processor for a few days.
American English


American English differs from British English. Moreover, we prepare medical records and documents. Accordingly, it can be termed as Medical English. Fundamental grammar, punctuation, transcribing numbers, figures, and abbreviations. Capitalization. Homonyms. Antonyms, Eponyms and Acronyms.
Medicine and Pharmacology

Medical Professionals impart thorough knowledge pertaining to anatomy, diseases, symptoms, treatment, and drug dosage and usage.
Theory and Practical go abreast. Whatever is taught in the theory class is applied in lab as one transcribes.
Faculties may give only a bird’s-eye view of all these topics. The rest depends on one’s zest and hard work.

Who Can Do Medical Transcription?


It is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question). Of course, it is very natural.
If you have a fairly good command over English, a keen ear attuned to the American accent, ability to comprehend and key in the matter correctly onto a document, and the determination to excel, you can do Medical Transcription. Your academic qualifications are of least importance. However, the following skills are needed to get trained as a Medical Transcriptionist.
  • Aptitude for good written English.
  • Good listening, writing, and comprehension skills
  • Logical thinking
  • An eye for minute details
  • Word processing skills
  • Concentration and patience
  • Zest for learning


If your answer is positive to all these, you can definitely become a medical transcriptionist.


No doubt, Medical Transcription is a lifelong career. Accordingly, it requires effective training. There are on-line and in-house training offered by various companies. To be frank, on-line training is similar to learning driving through correspondence course! If you want to be a professional transcriptionist, choose in-house training.
Before joining, ensure the company gives effective and systematic training. Don’t be carried away or misled by the ads. Ads always make sky-high claims. Make sure the competency and experience of the faculties (theory and practical) as well as the credibility of the company. Find some time to contact a few transcriptionists who were trained and are employed in the company where you intend to get trained. Beware of any biased feedback. If majority of them give positive response, go ahead.

What is Medical Transcription?

Medical Transcription is a profession that is both an exacting science and an artistic accomplishment. It calls for a combination of skills including spelling, typing, proofreading, and knowledge of medical terminology. Also a firm background in English grammar, style and structure. The successful medical transcriptionist has both accuracy and speed, a broad knowledge of anatomy, and a thorough knowledge of medical, drug, surgical, and laboratory terms. In addition, its important to know how to use these standard medical and non-medical reference materials.

Medical Transcription is not merely transcribing a physician’s dictation to an aesthetically pleasing document. It demands responsibility in one’s day-to-do working judgments by combining the powers of deductive thinking, past experience, and a limitless store of medical knowledge to produce a precise medical record.

Why SpectraMedi?

What is the uniqueness of SpectraMedi?

These are the likely doubts or questions that can come up. Of course, it is natural. You have every right to get a clear answer.

With a humble beginning in 1999, the company has enviably grown in size and stature and ventured into new areas related to medical transcription. SpectraMedi is pledged to provide impeccable medical transcription services in various branches of medicine. It is our commitment to serve our customers round-the-clock, seven days a week, and thus we started our operations in India. India is enriched with highly educated workforce. Moreover, it enables us to take the advantage of time zone differences and to provide faster turnaround and quality service.

We have successfully integrated advanced technology with transcription services. It is designed in such a way as to satisfy and support your specific dictation and transcription requirements. Our ongoing quest for technology and adept manpower equips us to serve hospitals, clinics, group practices, and individual practices of various sizes anywhere in the U.S.

Welcome to SpectraMedi Medical Transcription Services

We proudly state that we are recognized as one of the top pioneer Medical Transcription Service Providers. We have innovative, efficient, and complete solutions from dictation capture to document distribution and storage.

SpectraMedi was founded in 1999 and is equipped with top-notch team of transcriptionists and information technology professionals. We continue to serve hospitals, clinics, and practices of all sizes with uncompromising commitment to quality transcription and lasting client relationships.

Medical Transcription Services

SpectraMedi Medical Transcription Services are easy, efficient, and above all, cost effective. We take up many varied and unique dictations and transcription needs (file/document format, system interfacing, etc.). It gives us an edge over your most demanding dictation and transcription requirements.
As we have customized our Medical Transcription Services to your business processes, it saves your time and effort in creating, editing, and correcting the typed reports. As and when requested, your dictation can be typed promptly by our select transcriptionists.

SpectraMedi always ensures cost-effective service. If your current transcription service incurs you much, our service will give a consistent boom to your business. With 24/7 dictation and transcription service and 99.99% uptime, you get your services when and where you need them; on your schedule, not ours.

Our Medical Transcription Service: Your Benefits

In addition to high quality medical transcription service, our clients benefit from:

  • HIPAA-compliant transcription practices

  • Hand-held recorders and Pocket PC PDAs

  • Toll-free or on-site phone-in dictation services and barcode reader options

  • Interfaces to many dictation systems

  • HL-7 and other interfaces to a range of HIS, CIS, and EMR systems

  • Board-certified physician supervising transcription QA Team

  • Automated fetching, organizing, and optional printing

  • Transcription in Microsoft™ Word®, RTF, Text , HL-7, HTML, or XML

Electronic Medical Records, e-signature, and automated Faxing options
In short, all SpectraMedi transcription services are built on exceptional and unique customer support and dedication to quality transcription. Our commitment to long-term customer relationship means you always receive easy, efficient, and cost-effective transcription services from dedicated and seasoned professionals.