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Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Services to watch out for in 2017

December, it’s the rollicking time of the year! And yes, Christmas is upon us! We’re sending holiday cheer to all our clients and friends. Providing our customers with exquisite service is something we strive to do all year round.




We appreciate our clients and would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a festive Holiday Season.


Well, now we are at the end of 2016 season and we would like to bring to your notice about outsourcing transcription services that will increase your healthcare practice’s bottom line in 2017.


Transcription Process involves transcribing the information dictated into text format. Although organizations in industries such as healthcare, legal and education are exploring the many benefits of outsourcing their transcription needs, the concept and benefits of transcription is most known to the medical industry. The advent and increased use of digital voice recorders and speech recognition have made the outsourcing transcription businesses easier while helping operating your healthcare practice at optimum efficiency.


In the challenging times of time and tight budgets, managing medical transcription yourself can cost you in more ways than one; let’s see some of the benefits:


Help to Make Timely Decisions about a Patient’s Care


If a physician has considered outside sources to help with transcription, he/she dictates notes using his/her favorite dictation capture method. In this case, the physician’s workflow and productivity is not affected allowing or giving them the freedom to focus more on their patients without needing to worry about clinical documentation.


Help Solve Time Management Issues and Enjoy Work life


It may take significantly long time to complete clinical documentation if you are using hard-copy charts to make each patient’s treatment and history notes while a professional transcription service will help you type out your oral notes. This is perhaps one of the most time saving benefits of a medical transcription service.


Sometimes failing to manage your work time gets you a nagging feeling that you haven’t done your work properly. By getting help from third-party transcription service providers, the time management issue can be solved to a great extent which helps you enjoy a healthy work life.


Reduce Direct Labor Costs


If you are on low budget and have appointed a direct labor for your medical transcription process, chances are great that the labor cost is putting strain on your already tight budget. You just not need to give them salary, but also have to provide them with benefits. Another issue that comes in between is when they take leave for some days or when they quit from the job. Extra time need to be spent for properly training the new employee.


Outsourcing your medical transcription process help you gain greater control, streamline the operations and greatly reduce the direct labor costs.


Timely Transcription Delivery


Medical documents are transcribed and the dictation is screened many times for errors. The more set of eyes go through the documents, less are the chance of errors. It is not just about an error-free finished document that medical professionals can rely on, transcriptionists knows the importance of timely transcription solutions as well.


Auto-faxing to a Referring Physician


As we know, faxing is one of the important communicative means in medical transcription. Most of the transcription services offer you to fax the transcribed reports to the referral physicians as required.

The dictation is transcribed and then verified by the physician. The medical transcription service is usually designed to fax the report to the referring physicians if subscribed to the Auto-Fax service.


Secondary Repository for Hospital Documentary


Another advantage with a transcription service is that safety of your medical transcription data will be given top priority, so that you don’t want to worry even if you lose the data as the transcription company you choose acts a secondary repository for your hospital documentary.


In a nutshell, Medical transcription service is a up-and coming fast growing segment in the field of next generation patient documentation no doubt that it will change the notion of healthcare industry.


Proficiency or Professionalism calls for accuracy, completeness, quality and quantity in one’s work. It cannot be achieved within a short period; however, it can be achieved through consistent and assiduous work. Of course, there will be a supervisor responsible for quality control. All the same, one is to develop an attitude of independence and responsibility for one’s own work. Nobody is perfect or impeccable. Blunders or mistakes might pop up. Keep in mind; mistakes have power to turn you into a better person than you were before. Mistakes are nothing but stepping stones to learning, but never key in any word unless you are sure it fits in.Its not possible for a transcriptionist to make cent percent transcription correctly . So here we have good quality editors for reviewing the work of this transcriptionist.

Success does not consist of never making mistakes but in never making the same one twice. –G. B. Shaw.

The Need for Health Records

Why should there be any Health Record or Medical Record?
What does a Medical Record consist of?
How is it related to Medical Transcription?

These are some of the doubts that any layman might have. The Medical Record is a “proof of work done”. It is essential to gauge the quality of care provided to a patient. It consists of documentation to fulfill Federal State and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organization standards and regulations and those for reimbursement and third-party payer requirements as well. Medical Record is essential for the medico legal protection for patient, physician, facility, and staff.

The Spirit of Sharing

We are to admit the truth that none of us isMr. Know All”. In the ongoing Medical Transcription career, every one is likely to come across something or other for the first time in life. There and then, if we share it with others, it would be of immense help and value. The fact that we are ignorant of something doesn’t justify it doesn’t exist. To cite one example, “There is no change in his penmanship.” As long as you don’t know there is such a word which means a person’s handwriting, and if the dictation is fast and faint, you will hear anything but the word. At the most, some may key in “pen” followed by a blank! It may not occur many to consult a dictionary. If we have the spirit of sharing, such bloopers can be easily avoided in future, and it would enrich our vocabulary as well.

Is Medical Transcription a Boring Career?

Almost every job entails drudgery as it is repetitive in its nature. There will be no change or variation whatsoever. You are compelled to do the very same thing in a routine manner. With regard to Medical Transcription, it is totally different. It has been already said that Medical Transcription is an exciting career, never boring. No two persons are similar, so are their problems. People and their problems are never boring and medical science is ever changing. Accordingly, it is sure that you will begin to experience the fascination and appreciation for medicine. The experience and knowledge you have hitherto acquired will ignite you further and further. Once you are into this career, you will tend to explore more and more and you will have no time to get bored.

Changes and Challenges in Medical Transcription

Healthcare Industry is undergoing rapid technological advancements. However, a skilled Medical Transcriptionist need not be apprehensive about the future as there will be tons of work with the clinics and hospitals. With the emergence of speech recognition software and other related technologies, never think that the future of Medical Transcriptionists is on the verge of sinking. On the other hand, as the speech recognition software has many inherent limitations, it increases the scope for the Professional Medical Transcriptionists. No software can excel the cognitive and analytic potentials of man.

A well-read, well-informed, ahead-of-time professional is already part of this evolution and will continue to evolve because he is willing and even eager to make changes and keep abreast with the advancements in the industry. Make sure you get full leverage from the company you work to catch up with advancements.

Some of the Benefits of Medical Transcription Career

Despite the testimonials of many in the medical transcription service and their proven track record and professionalism, there are many aspiring candidates who come up with so many doubts regarding the benefits. One of the most significant benefits is that you are the master your job. It is you who decide the volume of the work, income, and timings.

Another benefit is the environment of this profession. It is selective. You can work either from home or from the office, according to your convenience. Of course, every company has its own target policy and pattern, and once you have decided, you are to abide by the same.

You will have ample opportunity to develop your language as you come upon various physicians with different accents and styles. It will obviously improve your language fluency, power of communication, and pronunciation.

Is there any age limit to become a Medical Transcriptionist?

There are Medical Transcriptionists from age 17 to past 70. It is a clear proof that there is no age limit to be a Medical Transcriptionist. People belonging to all walks of life might think of spending their leisure time or retired life usefully. It is a good sign and a wise thought. However, it does not mean one can take it lightly or leisurely. Anybody with positive cognitive potential, no matter what his/her age is, can become a professional medical Transcriptionist.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that once you are into the profession, you will stay young at heart with refreshed mind and brain? Your cognitive potential will never be on the wane. Everyday, something new is in store for you to learn. Just delve into the unfathomable depth of knowledge, and there you find the precious pearls.