The Spirit of Sharing

We are to admit the truth that none of us isMr. Know All”. In the ongoing Medical Transcription career, every one is likely to come across something or other for the first time in life. There and then, if we share it with others, it would be of immense help and value. The fact that we are ignorant of something doesn’t justify it doesn’t exist. To cite one example, “There is no change in his penmanship.” As long as you don’t know there is such a word which means a person’s handwriting, and if the dictation is fast and faint, you will hear anything but the word. At the most, some may key in “pen” followed by a blank! It may not occur many to consult a dictionary. If we have the spirit of sharing, such bloopers can be easily avoided in future, and it would enrich our vocabulary as well.

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