The patient demographics are an integral part of the medical transcription service. It forms the core of the data for any medical institution. It involves a diverse set of public and private data collection systems. During patient registration the personal data of the patient is collected by the medical institution.  These patient details are usually transmitted by the provider as a fax or as electronic data to the concerned Medical Transcription Company. Transcription Companies are preparing medical documents per the data received which has to be very accurate. A mistake in patient demographics could lead to multiple issues.
Apart from the patient name, there may be other data such as DOB, SSN#  etc. which is considered personal data of the patient.  

Keeping protected patient data secure

Secure token-based transmission will not pass  sensitive data to the Medical Transcriber. This is a secure token-based method which can only be compiled and read by the provider’s computer and the concerned Medical Transcription Company’s computers. This is a feature that is provided by the Transcription Company to its clients. While dictating, the provider should tag the secure token ID. When the Transcription Company receives a dictation, the transcriptionist will do a lookup on the token for the patient info and DOS. The transcribers will only have to enter the unique ID into their transcription platform. After the completion of the transcription, when the transcriber uploads the job to the client, the patient data corresponding to the unique ID is automatically entered by the servers into the document, thus completing the report with all the patient data included in it. This method will give a major boost for the Transcription Company to gain confidence from its clients with regards to the patient’s privacy.