Emory Clark Holder Clinic Renews its Agreement with SpectraMedi MSO , the Top Provider of U.S. Based Medical Transcription Service

Emory Clark Holder Clinic recently renewed its agreement with SpectraMedi , the top provider of U.S. based medical transcription service. CHC proudly uses SpectraMedi for all of its medical transcription needs.

Syracuse, NY, February 26, 2009 – SpectraMedi , the premier provider of U.S. based medical transcription service, is pleased to announce that it has extended its agreement to provide medical transcription service to Clark Holder Clinic, part of Emory University in Georgia. Clark Holder Clinic is the largest multi-specialty group practice in West Georgia, employing over 30 doctors and other health care providers, with a staff totaling to 170. It has been providing medical services to the citizens of West Georgia and East Alabama for nearly 70 years.

SpectraMedi MSO has been providing U.S. based medical transcription service to Clark Holder Clinic for the last six years and CHC’s entire clinic, including the radiology department, is utilizing SpectraMedi ’s top-quality Medical Transcription Services. CHC is a client of U.S. based SpectraMedi not only because of its superior U.S. based medical transcription service, but also because of its dependable customer support. Mindy, the IT Manager for CHC, noted that SpectraMedi’s customer support “is always willing to jump on a problem or come up with a solution.”

U.S. based SpectraMedi is extremely pleased with the long-lasting relationship it has built with CHC. “It has certainly been our pleasure to provide services and we look forward to continue providing efficient and quality U.S. based medical transcription service to such a respected client,” stated Laura Dreher, the Head of Operations for SpectraMedi .

SpectraMedi MSO prides itself on its high-quality U.S. based Medical Transcription Services and is always determining ways to add value to its medical transcription service. In order to improve the quality of medical transcription service it provides to Clark Holder Clinic, U.S. based SpectraMedi installed a phone in-dictation system at CHC’s premise, which is efficient, cost-effective and easy to access.

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