SpectraMedi MSO , the Leading Provider of U.S. Based Medical Transcription Service, Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

SpectraMedi MSO, a U.S. based medical transcription service provider, will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year. SpectraMedi has humble beginnings, but has grown extensively due to its innovative edge.

Syracuse, NY, May 14, 2009 This year will mark the 10th Anniversary of SpectraMedi , the top U.S. based medical transcription company. SpectraMedi is co-owned by a board-certified medical doctor and is headquartered in Syracuse, New York, where its modest beginning started. SpectraMedi's mission is to provide high-quality Medical Transcription Services to various branches of medicine. Its client base of over 250 accounts, including Seaport Orthopaedics, is a testament to the success of SpectraMedi's mission. SpectraMedi has been successful because of its high-quality services, fast turnaround time, competitive prices, and innovative technology solutions.

SpectraMedi MSO works diligently to understand the needs of its clients and realizes that each client is unique. Part of the reason it is able to do this is because it is a division of a software company and is capable of customizing software to meet changing client needs. SpectraMedi not only provides Medical Transcription Services, but also comprehensive solutions. SpectraMedi provides various dictation methods that make it easy for providers to dictate. SpectraMedi’s clients can dictate using phones, digital recorders, PCs, PDAs, and Smartphones. SpectraMedi has branded itself as an innovator since it is one of the only companies that offers an application that allows clients to dictate using PDAs and Smartphones. This application, known as PPC Voice, enables providers to upload their patient schedules directly to the device. This feature makes the dictation process as simple as possible since providers only need to select the patient name from the schedule to begin dictating.

In addition to assisting with dictation, SpectraMedi offers solutions that aid in the distribution and storage process. SpectraMedi has a workflow management site, EasyFlow, which stores voice files and transcriptions. SpectraMedi also provides competitive technology solutions such as automated faxing, online editing, medical record sharing, electronic signature, text search capabilities, automated emailing, electronic health records, and much more. SpectraMedi has the ability to interface with electronic medical record systems, such as GE Centricity®, ChartScript, Medical Manager – Sage, Misys/Allscript, NextGen, and more.

As for the future of SpectraMedi , the organization hopes that it will continue to adapt to the changing field of health information management. “We always strive to understand the needs of our clients,” stated Laura Dreher, the Head of Operations for SpectraMedi . “We realize that their needs are constantly changing and we are always willing to adapt and customize our solutions to fit these specific needs. Our entire staff is committed to providing solutions that are ahead of the time. Anytime we demonstrate our technical capabilities to our clients, they are always impressed.”

“When we were looking for a transcription company, we were really looking for a company that would offer us more than just Transcription Services,” stated Allison DiMarco. “We wanted a comprehensive solution which would relieve the office from superfluous clerical work. When we saw what we could do using SpectraMedi’s applications, we were extremely amazed and knew that we had to use its services.”

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