Phone-in Dictation Made Simple due to SpectraMedi MSO's U.S. Based Medical Transcription Services

SpectraMedi MSO, the premier provider of U.S. based Medical Transcription Service, offers clients a phone-in dictation system, which is easy to use and always accessible. SpectraMedi"s services were created to make the dictation, transfer, and storage process as simple as possible.

Syracuse, NY, May 15, 2009 - Phone-in dictation has become very common these days because of the benefits it provides to end users. Since practitioners have become familiar with phone-in dictation, they are now looking for and expecting certain features in the system. Practitioners, such as those from Kentucky Cardiology, need such features as the ability to track/identify submitted dictations, the capability to correct a part of the dictation that contains an error, and the option to send patient demographics along with the dictation.

SpectraMedi MSO, a U.S. based Medical Transcription Service Provider, has developed its own phone-in dictation system. EasyVoice, SpectraMedi’s phone-in dictation system, has all of the features that practitioners are looking for. It extends SpectraMedi"s Medical Transcription Services by enabling high fidelity dictation via telephone. Dictation in EasyVoice is done by simply dialing a local extension, if one is installed at the practice’s location, or the practitioner can use a toll-free number to access an off-site EasyVoice server.

SpectraMedi MSO provides each user/dictator with a call-in user I.D. and call-in pin to access the EasyVoice system. EasyVoice saves each high fidelity recording and automatically transfers it to SpectraMedi once the dictation is completed. Each time the dictation is saved a unique record I.D. is announced that enables the user to identify the dictation that has been uploaded. It makes patient and provider information input quick and easy. There is no software required that needs to be installed, maintained or upgraded. No additional training or learning is required to utilize EasyVoice as provider only needs to operate a phone. SpectraMedi even provides a dictation pocket guide which includes the toll-free number and telephone dictation instructions. There is 24/7 access to this dictation service over toll-free or local connection, so EasyVoice is accessible from anywhere at anytime. EasyVoice even has an automatic redundancy feature i.e., if one EasyVoice system is down, another one will answer the calls.

SpectraMedi MSO EasyVoice has the capability to record multiple dictations in a single call. This means that after completing the dictation of one patient the provider can start dictating on the second patient without hanging up the phone. Users even have the ability to insert and overwrite while dictating. EasyVoice allows users to designate a dictation as complete and then start a new dictation. There is also a provision in EasyVoice to either send a notification e-mail regarding the dictations or to send the voice files as attachments to the user. One of the most interesting features of EasyVoice is listen access. The provider can listen to previous dictations by dialing into the EasyVoice system.

“Our clients enjoy using EasyVoice for a variety of reasons,” stated Laura Dreher, Head of Operations for SpectraMedi. “EasyVoice is user-friendly and no training is required to use the system. Practitioners also benefit from the ability to listen to previous dictations.”

Lynn Phillips can attest to the benefits of EasyVoice. “When our doctors decided that they wanted to start dictating, they really wanted something that would be easy to use,” commented Lynn. “I was impressed by the features of EasyVoice and knew this was perfect for the doctors. They were very pleased that they didn’t have to go through the hassle of learning a new device.”

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