SpectraMedi MSO, the Leading Provider of U.S. Based Medical Transcription Service, Offers Solution that is Compatible with Smartphone/PDAs

SpectraMedi MSO, a U.S. based Medical Transcription Service provider, offers software and solutions that are compatible with various devices, including Smartphones. SpectraMedi has been providing user-friendly services since 1999.

Syracuse, NY, March 24, 2009 – SpectraMedi , the premier provider of U.S. based Medical Transcription Service, always aims to provide services that are compatible with the latest advanced technology. With the advent and spreading use of Smartphones and PDAs, SpectraMedi decided that it would be beneficial to develop its own solution that is attuned with such devices. The application that was created is known as PPC Voice and it is starting to be used by more and more doctors who use SpectraMedi’s U.S. based Medical Transcription Services.

PPC Voice has numerous benefits and providers who use this service will find that it is extremely user-friendly. As long as a provider has access to a Smartphone and wireless internet, then he or she is able to use PPC Voice. Each doctor is given a unique user I.D. and password to login and access his or her patient schedule. The administrative settings can be accessed by the administrator, who is also provided with a user I.D. and password. The administrative settings provide assurance that the dictation and transfer process run as smoothly as possible. Administrators have the option to backup files for a specified amount of time and can also enable the auto-transfer setting so that completed dictations are automatically sent to SpectraMedi’s server. Additionally, filters can be set so that appointments can be viewed on the basis of specific criteria. Filters can be applied to any field of data, so for example, if you wanted to apply a filter to the appointment reason field, the filter could be new patients, follow-up visits, etc. Filters can be renamed, modified, deleted, and a default filter can even be specified. PPC Voice also contains text search capabilities. Any column shown in PPC Voice can be searched by simply entering the search criteria, making it convenient for providers to find specific appointments.

One of the greatest advantages of using PPC Voice is its ability to interface with numerous appointment and EMR applications in the market, including GE Centricity®, Misys/Allscript, NextGen, Eclipse, athenahealth®, Elligence, MEDENT, Advantix, iMedica, Medical Manager, MEDITECH, Medisoft, MediSense, Perfect Care, LeonardoMD, MedBase, Lytec, MicroMD, Pulse, Softaid, Intergy, CompuMedic, Alteer ®, eMDs, MegaWest, Prodata, Visionary, and more. SpectraMedi can interface with these systems and bring the patient appointments to the Smartphone. Appointments will be listed according to the date of service, with the current date as the default, but practitioners can easily switch the date of service if they need to view appointments from a different day. In fact, practitioners can view past and future appointments spanning many months. To start a new dictation, the provider simply needs to select the appointment, and then he or she can begin dictating. The appointment schedule provides added value for a number of reasons. Access to the schedule allows for full-tracking of dictations, which enables practitioners to easily verify which patients they have or have not dictated on. Additionally, real-time updates are sent to the Medical Records staff detailing which patients have been dictated on. The Medical Records staff can also track whether certain dictations were deleted and whether a voice file was transcribed. All patient names and identifiers are already in the Smartphone, so the doctor does not need to dictate any of that information. Since providers do not have to enter medical record numbers, this completely eliminates the issue of providers entering an incorrect number or instances where the medical record number does not match the name that is provided in the dictation.

SpectraMedi MSO’s PPC Voice offers standard recording features such as fast forward, rewind, play, and pause, but also includes such features as append, overwrite, and insert. The append feature allows providers to add material to the end of a dictation. When providers use the overwrite function, they can override a specific section of a dictation. Therefore, if a provider is unhappy with a certain part of the dictation, he or she can go back to that point and record over that section. Lastly, providers can insert material anywhere in the dictation so that none of the existing material is erased. Additionally, users have the ability to designate whether a job is stat directly in the record window of PPC Voice.

SpectraMedi MSO's Medical Transcription Service’s PPC Voice allows providers to denote whether the dictation is “partial” or “complete”. If the dictation is set as “complete”, it means that the provider does not need to continue the dictation at a later date. If the auto-transfer setting has been enabled, then the completed dictation will be sent automatically, but if the auto-transfer has not been enabled, then the practitioner can upload the completed voice file manually. If a provider wants to add or make changes to the dictation, then the provider can simply set it as “partial” and return to the dictation at a later time.

SpectraMedi MSO’s PPC Voice automatically sets a status for each dictation. The status options include “new”, “partial”, “dictated”, “deleted” or “sent”. This feature is convenient since a provider can easily track where he is in the dictation process for a certain patient. A provider can also verify whether a dictation was sent and received by SpectraMedi’s server.

It is apparent that PPC Voice offers a range of benefits to end users. The biggest advantages of PPC Voice include its auto-transfer feature, ability to update appointment schedules automatically, and that there is no question concerning which patients doctors have or have not dictated on.

SpectraMedi MSO’s PPC Voice was designed to make dictating and voice file transfers as seamless and simple as possible. “Customers are extremely impressed with PPC Voice because of its extensive features,” noted Laura Dreher, the Head of Operations for SpectraMedi. “PPC Voice’s ability to download appointment schedules is one of its most valuable features. Practitioners find it beneficial that they can easily check the status of a dictation and verify whether or not they have dictated on a patient. SpectraMedi realizes that practitioners want to spend as much time as possible with patients. Our Medical Transcription Services allow practitioners to do this by making the dictation process as simple as possible.”

The providers of Hematology Oncology Associates of CNY have been utilizing PPC Voice for over four years now. “The benefits to the providers include having access to patient schedules, not having to dictate or enter patient information, and the ability to track dictations,” stated Michael Cretaro, Hematology Oncology’s office manager. “Providers like that they have mobility and can dictate anywhere.”

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