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SpectraMedi MSO's Medical Transcription services offers a wide range of choices in terms of Medical Transcription Services and products. SpectraMedi can integrate with the HL7 systems of hospitals and clinics for receiving the patient schedules and delivers the transcriptions back in HL7 format in the quickest possible turnaround time. SpectraMedi has successfully worked with different EMR and EHR companies to create reliable and efficient clinical interfaces. HL7 is a standard for exchanging information between medical applications and is an abbreviation of "Health Level Seven". "Level Seven" refers to the seventh OSI layer protocol for the health environment. In general terms, HL7 is a protocol for data exchange. It defines the format and the content of the messages that applications must use when exchanging data with each another in various circumstances.

The HL7 messages are transferred securely with the secure site-to-site VPN tunneling between the client and SpectraMedi .

Advantages of HL-7
  • HL7, it is not vendor specific since it is an open standard and so it can be used to interface with different types of vendors
  • Easy to use tools are available for the HL7 interface. These tools help to avoid low-level creation, parsing and network communication of HL7 messages over the network. Using standard tools can save you up to 90 percent of the low level work that would otherwise be required.
  • Optimize workflow
  • Reduce confusion and streamline the process of healthcare information communication.
  • Provide unambiguous standards for data transfer.
  • Save your time by taking care of your back-end work

SpectraMedi has successfully implemented the integration with many HL7 systems like


SpectraMedi MSO has successfully implemented the integration of 'EasyFlow' - SpectraMedi's work flow management system, with CEMR by integrating HL-7 with eGate Integrator, which is the HL-7 interface engine at ProHealth Care. The transcription messages (MDM type HL-7 messages) from SpectraMedi's HL7 Interface Engine are processed by the eGate Integrator maintained by ProHealth Care.

CPSI EMR system

SpectraMedi MSO has now effectively implemented an HL7 interfacing with the CPSI EMR system. EasyFlow will securely capture the patient schedules generated by the practice as HL7 feeds. Upon the completion of transcription, the transcripts will be effectively sent back to the CPSI EMR system to the client via the same channel.

GE Centricity® EMR:

SpectraMedi MSO has successfully worked with GE Centricity EMR/EHR by establishing a secured encrypted VPN tunnel between the clients. SpectraMedi will process ADT/SIU/ORM or what ever HL7 messages according to the client specification and import to the work flow system 'EasyFlow'. Transcription notes will be transformed to ORU/MDM HL7 messages and those reports will be sent to GE Centricity EMR.

Sevocity EMR

SpectraMedi MSO has interfaced with Sevocity EMR by receiving patient demographics through a secured VPN connection in HL7 format and Final reports will send to Sevocity EMR.

HL7 Delivery Status Report in SpectraMedi ’s EasyFlow

In EasyFlow interface, we can view the HL7 Delivery Status Report. The search option enhances the searching based on different search criteria.

The various stages are described below:

Status Description
In Process Transcribed documents that are waiting to be sent to your HL7 interface engine.
Sending Jobs that are posted to your HL7 interface engine
Sent (waiting for ack) Jobs for which we are waiting for acknowledgement from your end.
Error Jobs for which we have received acknowledgement message as Error
Reject Jobs for which we have received acknowledgement message as rejected.
Success Jobs for which we have received acknowledgement from your end.
Other Jobs with status other than the status mentioned above
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