EasyFlow is the core module used to extend SpectraMedi's dictation and Medical Transcription Services. The HIPAA-compliant EasyFlow module securely and reliably handles the storage, movement, and management of your voice and transcription files.

EasyFlow is a web-accessible, server-based system that eliminates your total cost of transcription system ownership. Readily accessible and dynamically scalable to meet your dictation and medical transcription service requirements, EasyFlow delivers all the benefits of an enterprise in-house system without the in-house costs and maintenance.

Workflow begins when EasyFlow receives your dictations from any of the SpectraMedi dictation input modules (EasyMove, EasyVoice, EasyList, or EasyTransfer), or when you directly upload voice files.

Transcribed reports can be delivered using any of the SpectraMedi's transcription output modules (EasyPrint, EasyLink, or SpectraMedi EMR), or retrieved directly from EasyFlow.

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