EasyList extends SpectraMedi´s Medical Transcription Services by interfacing with hundreds of health information systems. As a "middle-ware" module, EasyList is used primarily for sending patient details and voice files to SpectraMedi . EasyList can also be used to retrieve transcribed files. This gurantees a lucid and easy to handle medical transcription service.

EasyList manages and routes appointment or ADT data from your HIS and dictations from PPC Voice. EasyList can make certain demographic data available only to specific providers. To further restrict accessibility, demographics can be grouped based on location or facility. Data entry or data selection by providers, such as job type or work type, can be optionally enabled and enforced in our medical transcription service.

EasyList can also serve as your primary or intermediary storage server for completed dictations and transcriptions. The module´s authentication process and session controls provide full audit trails. As a management tool, EasyList provides real-time detailed reports of all your jobs with text search capabilities.

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