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iMedDictate extends SpectraMedi’s Medical Transcription Services with advanced patient information management, user-friendly voice recorder and automated file transfer with iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is an indispensable tool for medical dictating professionals, medical providers can use their iPhone or iPad just like a digital recorder and optionally enter any details in text if needed. iMedDictate’s functionality is unmatched among dictation apps. It allows users to synchronize their dictation with existing patient records just by entering the medical record number. Once entered, vital patient information will be retrieved automatically, saving users valuable time. Apart from other dictation apps, iMedDictate have the ability to automatically upload dictated audio to SpectraMedi servers. The process is simple, safe and secure.

iMedDictate also gives users flexibility to put any dictation into a work in progress or partial mode to complete it at a later time. Also allows users to append more audio to the dictation, have newly recorded audio inserted anywhere, or overwrite all or part of the dictation with new recordings. Users can select STAT if they need dictations returned with a quick turnaround, or CC if they want copies to be distributed to other physicians.

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