A Green Endeavor...
SpectraMedi MSO goes Green by introducing an Excel export option...

Green Endeavor contributes to the environment conservation by reducing the paper wastage.

What makes it a Green endeavor?

We are living in a globalized world which has a number of environmental problems like deforestation, global warming, air pollution, ozone layer depletion, water pollution, rain forest destruction, destruction of wild life habitat, climate change etc. Emission of carbon gas and deforestation has led to the ozone layer depletion and subsequent climate changes. A variety of environmental problems now affect our entire world. As globalization and climate change continues and the earths natural processes transform local problems into international issues, there is a need to tackle these issues. If we ignore such grave issues, it may lead to dangerous consequences.

In such a situation, we implement a technological feature which decreases the paper wastage up to a limit and contribute a small part to the environment conservation initiatives.

SpectraMedi MSOs new Excel export option comprises plenty of features which makes the whole medical transcription process perfect and exquisite. We call it a Green Endeavor. It is a printer friendly Excel export option which help the health care providers to make minimum usage of white paper. As the name suggests, it makes the whole process simple and easy. It includes a document export facility which is entirely a printer friendly one which makes it easy for physicians to export the documents to an excel sheet and print it directly. This facility not only helps the physicians, but, it helps to get a clean excel sheet without making much paper wastage from unnecessary elements passing on to the print outs like interface details and other webpage information.

Our Green Endeavor not only contributes to the health care industry, but also to the whole environment conservation. Physicians can make printouts of patient documents whenever the need comes and everything gets done within a single click. Our Green Endeavor really reduces the wastage of white paper and thus, it helps to create an awareness about various environment conservation programs. We always strive to implement environment-friendly technological features in our workflow method.

About SpectraMedi MSO:

SpectraMedi MSO, a US based Medical Service Organization has been providing HIPAA compliant superior Medical Transcription Services since 1999. SpectraMedi always incorporates latest Technology in an easy to use manner, thereby giving way to user friendly Medical Transcription Technology and quality Medical Transcription Services. This has made SpectraMedi stand out, unmatched in the field of Medical Transcription. Over the years, SpectraMedi's Medical Transcription Services with it’s quality output, comprehensive medical and technological expertise, swift deliverance and most of all reasonable pricing has made great strides in acquiring and maintaining a prestigious client-base.

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