Online editing of Patient Demographics
Online editing of patient demographics really helps physicians to easily handle and manage their patient information. It allows them to edit and save all the patient details.

Online editing of Patient Demographics is a distinct feature which helps to maintain accuracy in the Medical Transcription Service sector. It guarantees precise patient documentation, making the whole process lucid. In order to maintain good patient documentation, patient schedules are collected from the physicians and maintained as Patient Demographics. The physicians can also view the status of Patient Demographics and can make sure whether all the patient schedules corresponding to the dictations are properly recorded or not.


  • Status of a particular dictation
  • Online alterations can be done
  • Easy access of information
  • Saves time
The Online editing of Patient Demographics feature performs a key role in the Medical Transcription Services.

For eg, if an emergency case comes, physicians will not be having enough time to send each and every details about the person. In that case, the patient schedule which they send will be missing some important details regarding the patient. In such a situation, the transcriptionists will be making the transcript files from what they already got from the concerned physician. After that, it will be edited by the physicians to make it complete. Thus, all the missing components in the patient schedule will be added using the Online editing of Patient Demographics. While editing such documents, all the details about the particular person who edits the file, will be recorded in the Patient Demographics.

Medical Transcriptionists send the transcript files in a minimum turn around time. But, at times, it will be difficult for the medical transcriptionist to identify the patient name or other details correctly from the dictation. The feature Online Editing of Patient Demographics allows the physician to edit or add the patient details from a web interface. Thus, all the missing components in the patient demographics will be added using the editing feature. All the details like who all edited the file and at what time it got edited etc will be automatically recorded and can be viewed from the web interface itself.

Online editing of Patient Demographics feature allows to edit all the personal information about a patient including their first name, middle name, last name, date of birth or other personal details etc. Pertaining to Medical Transcription Services, all these information becomes inevitable to keep a perfect patient document. The editing process will be either done by transcriptionists or physicians. If that particular patients details are already there in the previous records, in a few keystrokes, the transcriptionists can easily retrieve the needed information from the Patient Demographics. Otherwise, physicians themselves can do the further modifications.

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