New feature in Medical Transcription
No more missing out dictations

One has no argument when told that Medical Transcription Services are building bridges across every imaginable obstacle or shortcoming. This is an era when computers and the Internet can give you all the comforts of life. The web has morphed from being a lifeless entity to a wholly, almost-living consortium. Who can say otherwise? Be it businesses, education, politics, or even medicine, the Internet is all one needs for promoting business, conducting meetings, making and breaking deals, and treating patients. A U.S. based Transcription Service provider, SpectraMedi , has been known to be creating waves in the field of Medical Transcription by integrating an assortment of the latest technology into its core field.

Missed a few dictations?

With the advent of online interfaces of various Medical Transcription Services, it can be made sure that no work is ever left incomplete due to lack of access to reports, dictations, etc.There are various scenarios wherein a practitioner may need to go back a few days and add dictations to previously serviced patients. When the practitioner has to attend to a large number of patients, dictating all the patient files in a day becomes a task. In such cases, dictations of certain patients maybe left out. It is possible that the doctor might be unable to recall the exact name or chart number of the patient corresponding to the file containing the missed-out dictation. The perfect solution to over come this confusion is a feature in Patient Demographics where the status is marked against each patient details as Not Dictated/ Dictated/ Transcribed. The names of patients for which the practitioner is yet to make a dictation, or failed to make a dictation will show a status marked Not Dictated.

The status of all patient files are marked as Not Dictated when the patient-schedules are initially sent to SpectraMedi . Upon sending the dictations, the status changes to Dictated. The transcribers then convert the voice files to text and send it back to the client. The Medical Transcription process is now complete. At this stage the status gets updated to Transcribed.

About SpectraMedi MSO:

SpectraMedi MSO, a US based Medical Service Organization has been providing HIPAA compliant superior Medical Transcription Services since 1999. SpectraMedi always incorporates latest Technology in an easy to use manner, thereby giving way to user friendly Medical Transcription Technology and quality Medical Transcription Services. This has made SpectraMedi stand out, unmatched in the field of Medical Transcription. Over the years, SpectraMedi's Medical Transcription Services with it’s quality output, comprehensive medical and technological expertise, swift deliverance and most of all reasonable pricing has made great strides in acquiring and maintaining a prestigious client-base.

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