Batch Signing(SAS All)
Batch Signing is a significant feature in the medical transcription service sector. It helps physicians to save their time and effort involved in the transcription process.

Significance of Batch Signing(SAS All)

Physicians might not get enough time to go through each and every patients medical report for approving the same. It might be because of their busy work schedules. In most of the health care centers, physicians have assistants for taking care of the medical records of their patients. In such cases, the assistant will be doing the analysis of the transcribed documents sent from the medical transcription company and the physician will approve the same after sampling. Here comes the importance of Batch Signing. The Batch Signing or Sign Approve and Save All (SAS ALL) makes the whole Medical Transcription process a perfect one. This facility makes everything possible within a single click. The Batch signing facility really helps physicians to handle the patient records within the time limits. It makes the work easier and thus, the people who are in the health care industry can save their precious time by going through and signing all the documents at a time by a single click.

Apparent Features:

  • Allows easy analysis
  • Allows Sampling
  • Work gets done within a single click
  • Availability of the Saving option immediately after the approval
  • Multiple document approval

The health care providers who are in a constant search for a best work flow method can certainly make use of the Batch Signing, or Sign Approve And Save All(SAS ALL) feature to save their time and effort. They can go through and sample multiple patient documents and continue their work. They can save all these information at the time of confirming and approving the documents. It also allows even the assistants of the concerned physicians to go through and approve all the patient documents and keep them for further references.

After the arrival of computerized document processing, worth mentioning changes have occurred, especially in the Medical Transcription Service sector. The features like Batch Signing really makes accountable changes in the health care industry and cater to various needs of the health care experts.

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