Exclusive Export feature in Medical Transcription Software
Everyone is looking for something new. Medical Transcription Services are never far behind in upgrading their technology to make improvements. Using new and dynamic interfaces have proved to be an added aid. Integration of current technology to the transcription process will facilitate faster  generation of  reports as well as bring in higher standards of quality. Therefore, it is imperative to hire the services of able and efficient companies to make sure that the work is completed along superior levels of quality.

Doctors sometimes require data at a click of a button, without wasting any time searching for documents. Some web based interfaces have an attractive feature where a patients file can be retrieved by just performing a quick search using various criteria. Searches can be conducted based on different parameters such as last name, first name, date of service, age, patient ID, Practitioner ID, etc. The page displayed will show all the necessary details and additionally, the patient report is available as a preview.

Attributes of the "Export" feature:

The Export feature can be used to directly convert the given data into a printer-friendly CSV format. The doctors can find and identify their list of patients whose reports need to be dictated. They can also  avail a printed copy of the list for reference in case of the need to perform phone-in dictations from a remote area with no Internet access. Additionally, lists can be grouped according to the practitioners name and ID for easy identification. Patient lists, practitioner ID, date, chart numbers, and other details can be acquired and coverted to a printer-friendly format.

In short, the unparalleled attributes can be listed as :

  •  Wide range of parameters to perform a search
  •  Online acquisition of patient demographics
  •  Exporting data to CSV format
  •  Availability of printer-friendly version of the file
  •  Patient data grouping based on practitioner ID
  •  Selective exporting based on practitioners name
  •  Useful for internal tracking of data

It is of great importance to be able to have access to a Medical Transcription Service which has technology that does not require too much time and effort to handle. With the availability of  easy-to-use features, some interfaces, become an obvious choice among many users. All practitioners are provided a unique ID and login password to access the interface and complete their work  from anywhere, at any time.

About SpectraMedi MSO:

SpectraMedi MSO, a US based Medical Service Organization has been providing HIPAA compliant superior Medical Transcription Services since 1999. SpectraMedi always incorporates latest Technology in an easy to use manner, thereby giving way to user friendly Medical Transcription Technology and quality Medical Transcription Services. This has made SpectraMedi stand out, unmatched in the field of Medical Transcription. Over the years, SpectraMedi's Medical Transcription Services with it’s quality output, comprehensive medical and technological expertise, swift deliverance and most of all reasonable pricing has made great strides in acquiring and maintaining a prestigious client-base.

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