Co Signing in Medical Transcription
Co Signing is an online feature that simplifies patient document processing which becomes beneficial in the medical transcription sector. This technological feature helps the health care experts to easily handle the patient documents.

The Medical Transcription Service sector is witnessing a cut throat competition all over the world. Improper patient documents may lead to atrocious results in the health care industry. The accuracy of medical transcription is of vital importance. Otherwise, there will be increasing risks for patients and it may lead to serious problems which may damage the reputation of the health care provider.

How Co Signing ensures credibility

Co Signing helps health care experts to verify and approve the patient documents online using the workflow interface. This online feature includes an option which helps health care experts to cross- check the patient documents and approve them by reducing the hurdles involved in the whole process. Process of document verification and approval can be done online which becomes an exclusive feature in the workflow method. It helps the physicians to save their time and effort by allowing their assistants to do the work and send the final document for their approval. Thus, it helps them to ease their laborious work involved in the medical transcription process and maintain accurate patient documents.

It help physicians to make authentic patient records. Medical transcriptionists send the transcript document copies to the concerned health care provider. Then, the document will be analyzed by physicians´ assistants and they will sign those documents. After that, those documents will be again verified by the physicians to confirm the accuracy and finally they also sign them. This Co Signing system ensures the quality and credibility of patient records. By double checking the same patient document, the risk factor in the reports can be reduced considerably.

It also help the physicians to save their precious time and energy involved in analyzing and editing the whole document. Using the Co Signing facility, physicians’ assistants can analyze and verify the documents and they can even edit the blanks in the patient documents. Thus, it reduces the time involved in the verification of documents by the physicians.

Benefits of Co Signing

Ensures accuracy
Editing options
Saves time
Easy accessibility

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