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There is but naught to stop man from creating milestones that takes us a step closer to reducing the amount of work one has to do. With the waves that inventions and innovations are creating today, we can safely quote the famous American Business magnate Bill Gates in saying, We´re changing the world with technology.  Add the advancements in technology to one of the fastest growing industries of today, Medical Transcription, and we have a pot-full of overflowing possibilities  which could unclog any blocks in the system that may cause a snag in efficiency. The aim is to make things as automated as possible, reducing the time users spend figuring out a software and clicking the mouse umpteen times!

The healthcare industry is one which has no rest. Doctors are on call 24/7, leaving them with hardly any time to complete their documentation, which is also an important aspect of patient-care. SpectraMedi , a US based Medical Services Organization has come up with worthy implementations of the newest in technology into EasyFlow, their workflow management system. They have successfully incorporated various features into EasyEdit, one of the EasyFlow modules and a software for online editing and updating of transcribed documents.

What is EasyEdit ?

Voice files are created by practitioners dictating the reports into a recording device which is subsequently sent to Medical Transcription companies to be converted into text format. There are times when the recordings may have background noise and disturbances making the audio unclear. In such circumstances, Medical Transcriptionists are advised to leave blanks and await further clarification, as against making a guess as to what the unclear words could be. Accuracy is of utmost importance. Any error can put the doctor and the practice into a fiscal liability. Such occurrences are few and far between, thereby making it tedious for the doctors to scan through every file and identify files with blanks. This is where EasyEdit comes into play. It identifies and filters files containing blanks into a separate folder, making it easier for the practitioner to check and edit these files.

Its Features :

  •  PC based application with no installation or maintenance of extensive hardware or software
  •  Windows-compliant interface and easy-to-use application
  •  Single click Electronic Signature
  •  Single click function for approval, signing, saving and printing of documents
  •  Multi layer security and file encryption for secure data transfer

Latest Features of EasyEdit :

  •  The On line Editing and Updating application is an added boon to the EasyEdit module. This provides the practitioner ease of access to the transcribed documents and any corrections or editions can be performed by downloading the files, editing it, and uploading the files directly back into the server. This reduces time spent on shuttling the reports and instructions between the client and the Transcription Service. Which again proves advantageous for the doctor.
  • Another singular feature that EasyEdit possesses is the Email and Fax module. Using this feature, practitioners can forward patient-reports to another practitioner or medical institution, should the necessity arise. Reports can be sent to one or multiple receivers, and added to it is the fact that this can be done in just one button-click. SpectraMedi´s EasyEdit is an unparalleled addition to EasyFlow.  Tasks have become less cumbersome for users, there is an appreciable amount of time saved and ultimately is highly economical.

About SpectraMedi MSO:

SpectraMedi MSO, a US based Medical Service Organization has been providing HIPAA compliant superior Medical Transcription Services since 1999. SpectraMedi always incorporates latest Technology in an easy to use manner, thereby giving way to user friendly Medical Transcription Technology and quality Medical Transcription Services. This has made SpectraMedi stand out, unmatched in the field of Medical Transcription. Over the years, SpectraMedi's Medical Transcription Services with it’s quality output, comprehensive medical and technological expertise, swift deliverance and most of all reasonable pricing has made great strides in acquiring and maintaining a prestigious client-base.

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