Retrieval Of Medical Transcription Reports Made Easier
The modern world is such that the saying, Time waits for no man holds good in every aspect. Every minute and second is precious. The life of a medical practitioner or a doctor is one good example. Their work revolves around accurately diagnosing and handing out appropriate treatment to their patients. This practically leaves them with no time to catch up on all that paperwork and reports that seem to mount with every passing second. A major part of the transcription work is now being outsourced to offshore medical transcription companies. Medical Transcription Services convert the voice-recorded dictations of practitioners and health professionals into text format. These files are then sent back to the clients for their subsequent storage and filing. It is at this juncture that the significance of well-programmed work flow management software comes into play. Most hospitals and clinics are linked to companies that provide Medical Transcription Services and their respective work flow systems.


Technology has advanced to the point that most processes are automated . The market currently  has to offer software and applications which automatically retrieve completed files and organizes them based on file management practices. One such software is EasyPrint 4.1.6, developed by SpectraMedi MSO, a US based Medical Services Organization. It is an output module with a full set of extended transcription management features. This is a PC based application, which requires no hardware installation and maintenance. A Windows PC with Internet access and Microsoft Word are the only requirements, to install, configure and run EasyPrint.

The practitioners are provided with POP3 mail IDs and passwords. Incoming mails then fall into the designated folders or into a Common folder in the absence of specified folders. This software also has the print option, where the printer settings can be set to the needs of the client. Multiple copies of the transcriptions can be retrieved and printed whenever required. There is even provision to import zip files. Furthermore, advanced preferences for printing documents can be adjusted in Tray settings. Separate folders can be created and designated by three-letter initials of the user´s names. These documents will be filtered into the corresponding folders. There are detailed logfiles to check job status and activity statistics at any given time.  

A salient feature of EasyPrint is that it can be configured to regularly check and receive incoming mails at specified intervals. This doesn´t require any computer command and is done automatically, thereby relieving the practitioner of tediously checking for incoming or outgoing mails time and again. This sets it apart from the rest of its kind. It has a complete set of online tools and comes with an efficient help file built into the software. Data and information can be securely transferred as it is protected by multi-layered security and file encryption. EasyPrint is user friendly and can be easily installed and is ready to use within minutes.

EasyPrint is one of the output modules of SpectraMedi´s core workflow management module, EasyFlow. Integration of EasyPrint into the system has succeeded in satisfying client-needs, such as  easier retrieval and file management of transcribed material. It also provides a simpler mode of acquiring prints and hard copies of the completed reports.

About SpectraMedi MSO:

SpectraMedi MSO, a US based Medical Service Organization has been providing HIPAA compliant superior Medical Transcription Services since 1999. SpectraMedi always incorporates latest Technology in an easy to use manner, thereby giving way to user friendly Medical Transcription Technology and quality Medical Transcription Services. This has made SpectraMedi stand out, unmatched in the field of Medical Transcription. Over the years, SpectraMedi's Medical Transcription Services with it’s quality output, comprehensive medical and technological expertise, swift deliverance and most of all reasonable pricing has made great strides in acquiring and maintaining a prestigious client-base.

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