iMedDictate Dictation and Transcription App Earns Rave Reviews
iMedDictate, the new free dictation and transcription app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch from software developer Spectrum Software solutions, is already earning rave reviews from users.

Syracuse, NY, 24 March 12 - Brian Clark, CPO of Sampsons Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory is one new user who has been impressed with the convenience and flexibility of iMedDictate.

Previously we were using a standard recorder that we had to hook up to computer and then send dictation away, said Clark. Now that we have iMedDictate we dont have to use two devices.

Clark remarked how by using the app he has been able to cut the cord to his laptop through iMedDictates ability to send dictations wirelessly to SpectraMedi transcriptionists. By removing the necessity for relying on a computer to send out dictations, users are able to quickly and easily send their work along and get it back with a faster turnaround.

Now I can dictate on the fly no matter where I am and I can send the file immediately without needing a laptop, said Clark. The transcription folks at SpectraMedi get the dictation immediately and get started on it quickly and saves everybody time.

Clark also remarked on iMedDictates wealth of features including autofilling forms with account synchronization; appending, inserting, or overwriting recordings; STAT and CC options; and many more. Clark said that his practice is finding the experience of using iMedDictate on an iPhone is an absolute pleasure.

Were finding that the iPhone in general is giving us great freedom that is really beneficial, said Clark. Its more convenient, there is a quicker turnaround, there are tons of options to move to specific places on the recording, and the iPhone mic is very clear.

Professionals in need of a stable, safe, and feature-rich dictation and transcription app need look no further than iMedDictate. Download on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch today for free in the iTunes app store.
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