Long-distance Transcription

By Walt Bethke, Managing Editor.

September 15, 2004 - Review of Ophthalmology

SpectraMedi MSO. This company offers the digital recorder or phone-in options.

“We archive transcripts for five years,” says Frank Kunnumpurath, SpectraMedi MSO’s owner. “This allows doctors to search their transcripts for any key word. So if a physician wanted to see how many of a certain procedure he performed in a six-month period, the system can pull transcripts with that procedure in them.”

The company can also just keeps one note per patient that is constantly updated when new transcription arrives, rather than a different note for each visit. “Each one includes just a summary of the last visit,” Mr. Kunnumpurath says. “It then adds the notes and the date of the current visit.   Click here to read the entire article

About SpectraMedi MSO:

SpectraMedi MSO has been serving a vast number of healthcare facilities, as well as group and individual medical practices with its remarkable medical transcription services for many years. A team of hardworking and dedicated transcribers and other specialists of areas such as IT, Quality Control, etc., play a huge role in the solidity of the company. SpectraMedi has been making success in consistent leaps with new advancements in technology one after another.

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