Brooktrout Inc., Needham, MA has announced the selection of SpectraMedi MSO to evaluate and develop dictation applications using their new product "RealComm 100 Software Developers Kit."

As a participant in this program, SpectraMedi MSO will be granted exclusive features and privileges including a high degree of focused technical and development support. Specifically, SpectraMedi MSO will incorporate the award-winning software into the enhancement and new version of its present phone-in dictation and voice recognition system.

This cooperative program is the result of over two years of team effort by both parties to create new efficiencies using customized software solutions.

Founded in 1984, Brooktrout has taken a leadership position by offering core technologies that marry the telephone to the data network. Brooktrout approached SpectraMedi MSO due to its leadership role in technology solutions in the medical transcription arena. .

About SpectraMedi MSO:

SpectraMedi MSO has been serving a vast number of healthcare facilities, as well as group and individual medical practices with its remarkable medical transcription services for many years. A team of hardworking and dedicated transcribers and other specialists of areas such as IT, Quality Control, etc., play a huge role in the solidity of the company. SpectraMedi has been making success in consistent leaps with new advancements in technology one after another.

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