Olympus & SpectraMedi MSO Team-Up to Develop 'EasyPlay' An Exceptional Digital Player for Medical Transcription

EasyPlay took six months to develop and test and has a launch date of October 31, 2001

Olympus of Tokyo, Japan has partnered with SpectraMedi MSO to provide software components enabling the integration of their DS-3000 hand-held digital voice recorder with the medical transcription company's new versatile digital player called EasyPlay.

The DS-3000 works with Windows Me, and features 330 minutes of digital dictation on a 16M MB SmartMedia card.

SpectraMedi MSO will continue to provide and support the use of the UHER DH10 handheld digital recorders.

About SpectraMedi MSO:

SpectraMedi MSO has been serving a vast number of healthcare facilities, as well as group and individual medical practices with its remarkable medical transcription services for many years. A team of hardworking and dedicated transcribers and other specialists of areas such as IT, Quality Control, etc., play a huge role in the solidity of the company. SpectraMedi has been making success in consistent leaps with new advancements in technology one after another.

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